2/13/2014 - still a giant dweeb baby


idk how the characters in movies do it. Like they fall down a flight of steps after getting hit by a car and then get up, get shot in the knee cap, get into a fist fight with a martial arts master and then they still keep movin?

I stub my toe to hard and I’m out the game.

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Avan Jogia

jennifer lawrence photographed by chris kaufman

Title: First Day of My Life

Artist: Bright Eyes

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“Who do I call to teach you humility? I’m sorry, I don’t have that number.”

Battleship (2012)

See you in another life, brother

Stark’s + their honor  -  4.03

make me choose » anonymous asked Mark Ryder Cesare (faith and fear) or Francois Arnaud (the borgias)

i’m rewatching degrassi and emma’s (as much as i adore her) so-called feminism is pissing me off. she slut-shames constantly and she is apparently very pro-life and shames manny for getting an abortion… i don’t think anyone explained to emma what feminism is, and how it’s largely about giving women the choice to do what they want. she puts herself on a very high pedestal for someone whose opinions are that shitty lol